Living With Thalassemia

“Living with Thalassemia” is an ongoing video series that I am producing with my husband Jim Royal.

I have Thalassemia Major, and because of this condition I need to receive blood transfusions every three weeks. I have received them for my entire life.

I want to start a conversation with the community of blood recipients about living with a chronic illness. I want to talk about how you can live a full, productive life and not be limited by your illness.

You can also find all these videos and more on my YouTube channel, where you can subscribe to receive automatic notifications of new videos.

Thalassemia Video Series Trailer
Living with Thalassemia Trailer
Thal 1 - How Do You React to Someone with a Chronic Illness?
Episode 1
Thal 2 - Preparing for Transfusion Day
Episode 2
Thal 3 - Telling on a First Date
Episode 3
Thal 4 - Telling the Boss
Episode 4
Thal 5 - Top 7 Things for Nurses
Episode 5
Thal 4 - Telling the Boss
Episode 6

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