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35685_437979796473_4967948_nIn case you haven’t heard, my name is Uzema. Pronounced a bit like “ooz-ma.”

My nicknames are Uz, Uzzie, Uzmita, Uzeems, Uzzie Jeans, and Uzita. So if you still can’t pronounce my name correctly, feel free to use one of those.

I love talking about religion from a social and objective point of view and discussing its role and effects on our society.

I love learning about science and trying to wrap my head around complex concepts.

I love people and learning about them.

I love all marine creatures and am especially enamoured by whales.

I love food and chocolate-covered fruit.

I have six amazing best friends (one of them is my husband, Jim).

It makes my mind spin trying to fathom the size of our universe.

I love laughing and being silly.

I love paper.

I am grateful to science and animals for giving me a chance to live and be healthy.

I don’t do something just because everyone else is doing it. I am not a sheep.

I have become more of a skeptic over the past few years as a result of my increasing awareness of the amount of hokum in our everyday world. When I say hokum, I mean “mediums” who claim they can talk to dead relatives and read your “aura”, homeopathic remedies, astrology, televangelists and psychics. Oh yes, and I forgot Santa Claus and the tooth fairy. Don’t believe in them, either.

8 thoughts on “Something About Me

  1. You know, Uz, I don’t believe in any of that stuff either. Except for auras. Not so long ago, I met a woman who was completely at peace with herself, loved her work, and was surrounded by family and friends she loved. This woman had an aura. It was a glow around her. When we parted ways it was evening, and she gave off a faint shimmer. I have only seen this once, and never since. I keep looking for it and hope that I will again see it. It was incredible!

  2. Uzzie and Uzemita are my favorites 🙂
    And by the way, your laugh spread warmth in people hearts!
    Your friend <3

  3. Uzzie and Uzemita are my favorite!
    And about your laugh, we can hear it from very far and it spread warmth and joy in the hearts 🙂
    Your friend

  4. My dear Uzema..
    This is cool. Discovering simple things about you I never knew before.
    You love paper… That makes you my sister :o) A tour on my Bucket List:
    But what do you mean you don’t believe in the tooth fairy. ???? (or as they would call her down here – – the toot fairy. (just between you & me, I bet you believe in her hheeheehee… )
    Have you seen ??
    You must.

    Thank you for this. Very cool

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Yvette! Yes, I am in love with paper…my latest favourite is Giardino from Italy.
      Thanks for the links 🙂 I have added the Musea Della Carta Paper Mill in Amalfi, Italy to my own bucket list 🙂
      Yes, I have seen the movie, and a couple of Bill Maher’s shows on you tube. The guy is absolutely fearless.


  5. You don’t believe that I am psychic? I didn’t believe it either but when I touch people I get images, words, impressions and when I share them, they sometime cry or gape or give me free sessions of what they do as an act of gratitude. What is that all about? But it is true, there are those that pretend and that is an art in itself.

    I love you Uzzie Jeans, you are my Queen. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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