Monthly Archives: November 2006

It’s not all about you!

I was getting onto the Metro train on my way to work the other day. There were few seats left, and ample room to stand. I didn’t get a seat in time, and so I stood. Not a big deal. Then I noticed a very pregnant woman in her thirties. She was standing right next to me. I was shocked that no one offered her their seat!

I looked at who was sitting in the closest seats. One was a man in his 60s, the other two were women in their 20s. They did not budge. They were but two feet away from her, and yet, it didn’t even cross their minds to get up and offer her their seat. Or maybe, worse, it did cross their mind, and they still didn’t bother to get up. I myself, felt embarassed at their behaviour. They obviously felt their comfort was much more important than this pregnant woman’s.

What is wrong with these people? Why is it that our generation is all about “ME”? When I descended from the train, I felt that maybe I should have said something to those people, shamed them into realizing their gaffe. How many times have you wanted to speak out but don’t?

I challenge all of you reading this blog and myself to take action the next time you find yourself in this situation. Embarrass the pants off ‘em. Say something honest and simple like, ” Why aren’t any of you offering this woman a seat? Can’t you see she’s pregnant?”

And see how fast they get up!